Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Since we might not all go back and read every comment on every recipe (which, I guess we WOULD if we were MAKING the recipe, but I digress...)...I just wanted to give Lesley and Liz a million thumbs up for their Curry in a Hurry and Flan, respectively. They were absolutely delicious. A word to the wise, however....when Liz says to remove the sugar from the heat RIGHT WHEN IT FIRST MELTS, she means it. When I flipped my flan, I realized that I had a hard-as-a-rock, solid sheet of sugar STILL ATTACHED to my pan. Next time, I will follow directions.

I could eat that entire plate of flan. And the curry. Maybe even together. =)


Liz Johnson said...

You tried the flan??? I'm so glad! I was sure that I only posted that for me. I thought it was too weird and time-consuming for others. Oh yay. I'm so glad you liked it!

While we're giving shout-outs, I would like to thank Jen for "Please Stir Me," which has entered my regular rotation of quick-and-easy meals. I'm trying the chicken ranch-iladas next, followed by the Italian Chicken Parmesan, and then the apple pudding cake later this week. Everything I've tried so far has been fantastic. You guys rock.

Jen said...

Amen! Liz, you've completely ruined my life by adding this flan into my repertoire. It was out of the oven at 10pm last night, and as of 1pm this afternoon, Joe and I have whittled it down by 75%. THANKS A LOT, LIZ. =)

This week is my TELESTIAL KITCHEN week....I'm making the green enchiladas tonight...then I'm doing fruit pizza and the crock pot apple/pumpkin dessert....Oh, and the cheesy corn bake.

Jen said...

and I didn't think the flan was complicated. Even if it is...it's COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

scottandlesley said...

This site has really saved us from boring, nasty food. When "cooking" meant boiling elbow noodles and dumping powdered cheese over it, I really hated cooking. But I have really come to love it by trying fun new recipes!

I have made nothing by Telestial Kitchen favorites for 2 weeks now. My husband, Scott, said the other day, "You know, you really don't HAVE to make such fancy stuff every night. I mean, I really like it and you definatly CAN, but, you don't HAVE to..." I am having too much fun to stop. Thanks guys, and keep the recipes coming!

PS: I am so glad you liked the Curry in a Hurry! It actually "belongs" to one of our newest bloggers, my sister-in-law Katie. Where did you get it, anyway, Katie? I love it too.

Katie said...

are you kidding? I totally made that one up! Ha. What a joke that would be. The only one I truly have made up is the mock stuffed peppers. I found the curry one in a magazine, probably Cooking Light. My newest favorite things in life are "Cooking Light" magazine and this blog. We love new recipes!