Monday, October 15, 2007


Quick explanation.

P-Dub is the Pioneer Woman who has marvelous recipes on her cooking website, and then lots of life-related things on her normal website, including her "how I met my husband" story that has been going on for weeks now.

Rotel is this stuff (see right). I didn't know what it was until I bought it for this recipe. Good stuff, though. I got the top one for this recipe... because I had no other options. If I did, though, I'd get that "extra hot" stuff... because that's how I roll.

I have no explanation for that bottom right can with the "No" sign on it. Image courtesy of the first link on google images for "rotel."


Chris J. said...

The Italian Harvest variety was discontinued. Sad day.

Styler Family said...

Thanks Liz. Knowledge is power.

Katie said...

Is it just stewed tomatoes with other veggies mixed in?