Thursday, October 18, 2007

REVIEW: Delightful Tofu Stirfry

I won't tell you what Scott said when I told him it wasn't chicken. It involves words he doesn't normally use. BUT, I will say that he was surprised at how chicken-like the tofu was.

I had a lot of fun cooking with Tofu, and I am so glad I still have more tofu recipes on here to try! It is really versitile stuff.

I flavored it with soy sauce and garlic and then tossed it with frozen stirfry vegetables. It took all of 15 minutes and I really liked how it turned out. And I wasn't all worried about salmonella while I cooked. Yay.

I forgot to freeze the tofu first. Does freezing make squeezing out the water easier to do? It just crumbled up for me....


Chris J. said...

Poor Scott.

missy. said...

woohoo! i'm so glad that tofu is working for you. yes, if you freeze the tofu first it will make it easier to squeeze the water out, and it also makes the texture of the tofu a bit firmer when cooked. people who aren't accustomed to the texture of tofu often prefer pre-frozen tofu because the it's less mushy and watery, and more meaty.

missy. said...

and also:
shut up, chris.


Katie said...

Curtis wants me to send Scott his condolences and wants to hear Scott say those words again sometime.:) Poor Curtis too because one of these days he is going to be suprised too.