Wednesday, October 17, 2007

my first review: chicken roll-ups

while we're reviewing, i'll mention that i made the "gourmet chicken roll-ups" and they were very good! i am not good at making things with chicken (i've only been eating it for a year and a half, since i've been pregnant/nursing; before that i was a strict vegetarian since age 10, so i never learned to cook chicken). and i'm very picky about it. but this recipe was super-easy and the sour cream made the chicken tender and subtly-flavored. and i loved the stuffing on top (i don't think i crushed it as finely as i was intended to, but it worked for me).

"subtly-flavored." ha. i should be a food writer.

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Katie said...

We made these last night with cheesy polenta and roasted carrots. The girls loved the chicken, the polenta not so much, but it was good to expand their horizons.