Thursday, September 20, 2007

P–Dub Lasagna

It is called the "Best Lasagna Ever" and it just might be. Liz, you might notice it mixes meats, and you might remember I think that practice is VILE! This lasagna is the exception to the rule, however. Delish. Absolutely.
However, the Pioneer Woman doesn't write out the recipe on this one; just step-by-step instructions and pictures. So, I am only linking to it, (in five different places, just in case you are not sure it will be worth the effort) rather than typing it out. Check it out though, you will not be sorry. (Photo credit: Pioneer Woman)


Styler Family said...

Oh, I made this with ground turkey instead of beef. Still yummy.

scottandlesley said...

I love using ground turkey. I use it every time ground beef is called for because it is SO much healthier.

Jen said...

Where I live, it's actually about 35% cheaper, too!