Friday, September 21, 2007

An intro of sorts

So I realized that while I know everybody on here, most of you do not know each other. So I'm going to post your name, and how I know you, and then you feel free to come in and edit the post to fit your liking. This is by no means a complete effort. So add more stuff. You can even say we hiked the Himalaya's together, you know, be creative. :)

So, in the order they appear on the 'permissions' page of the blog:

Alicia: Better known as "Slish." We worked at Los Hermanos in Lindon together for a summer. We lived together (and shared a bed) in Romania for four months. We agonized over our 'missionaries' together, who we both ended up marrying. We took a couple of classes together at BYU.

Nattie: We lived next door in the 1710-1711 commune together Freshman year, and then lived off-campus in the same apartment for a semester. We agonized over various non-missionary boys together, none of whom we ended up marrying. And that's a good thing. :)

Scottandlesley: Better known as "Lesley." We were in the same ward in Wymount, and have mutual friends from her home town in California. We agonized over the Enrichment program together. Our husbands were home-teaching companions. (Lesley adds: Liz answered so many of my pregnancy questions, she probably should have billed me for prenatal care. Liz also nearly killed a man who asked me if I was having triplets. What a good friend.)

Abbie: We lived in the same ward in Wymount, also with Lesley. My husband and Lesley's husband were her home-teachers (this is sounding incestuous). We have mutual friends who now live in Texas by her but who were, respectively, Chris' freshman roommate and work friend.

Andrea Kay: My sweet sister-in-law. We have a ridiculously similar sense of humor. We both know what happens when you suppose. She is Chris' sister. We both love 'Wicked.' She is going to marry the Elder's Quorum President in my ward (at least that's what her Dad says).

Chris J: My sweet sweet husband. He provides the humorous commentary and keeps me sane (well, as sane as possible anyways).

Becky: My dear aunt who is more like a fraunt or sister than an aunt. She lives in Texas and is only seven years older than me (which makes both of us ridiculously young). She has five adorable kids and is still alive to tell about it.

Jen: My room-room-mate my freshman year. We both enjoy the East Coast and found common ground our first day with a strange love for Stanley Kubrick films. Survived our freshman year together (seriously, a major feat).

Lisa: We were in the same Wymount ward with Lesley and Abbie. Her husband home-taught Chris and I (who was companions with Lesley's husband, and taught Abbie... it's all very entangled). She and I share a love for shopping and delicious food and a distaste for baseball.

Styler Family: Better known as "Melissa" or "Melizzle." We worked together at FSTC for close to 2 years. We share a desire to someday get a MSW (do we still?) and a love for color-blind men.

Missy: We somehow led parallel lives and didn't realize this until recently. She went to high school with Chris, and we were in the same freshman ward at BYU. We both did International Study Programs and both worked at FSTC (although at different times). Both interested in International Development and Child Welfare.

Nemmer: Better known as "Jennifer." My cousin! She and I also apparently share a love for the social services, particularly those of adoption and child protection. She and I also share a love for our crazy Grandma.

Swissbecky: Better known as "Becky." We lived in the same ward in Wymount, although strangely there are no home-teaching connections. We were in the Relief Society Presidency together and she witnessed first hand how inept I am at crafts, and how overly talkative I am when amongst females. (Addition by Lisa: Hey, I visit taught Becky! We are so connected.)

Vicky: Another great friend from our Wymount ward. And rumor has it that she has a knack for pie-making... am I right? Hopefully she will share some wisdom! I am not aware of any home-teaching connections, but her hubby Paul served in Elder's Quorum with Lesley's husband, and then in the Bishopric with Liz's husband. Welcome aboard, Vicky! --Les

Allison B.: Lesley's only sister. She has a reputation for inventing incredible food, hosting falafel parties for thousands on the fly, and burning spaghetti beyond recognition-- and serving it anyway. She's got the best party and ethnic recipies around, and is a vegitariano. You're gonna like what she's got.

And I love you all!! Alrighty friends. Add your thoughts and comments!


scottandlesley said...

Thanks for posting some background. Well done. (And thanks for not telling them that I am a questionable chef and that they should attempt my recipes with great caution. You are a good friend.)

Chris J. said...

What the junk? I'm the only dude?

Jen said...

On the first day of freshman year was also the day that we "lost" my insulated mug...I think Liz just had mug envy.

Who was Chris' freshman roommate?

Liz Johnson said...

Matt Burton. Random, no??

Also, the first words I ever said to Jen: "I'm not from Dallas, and don't touch my Diet Coke." Ah, the buds of a lasting friendship!

Jen said...

And thus began my love affair with diet coke. (Not yours, I promise). But the fact that you had a case of it under your bed was a signal to me that you were a cool and normal person.

missy. said...

liz and alicia, do the two of you know mindy johnson? she did the romania orphanage program too, but i'm not sure if it would have been before or after the two of you. anyway, she was my roommate on the philippines unicef program and i LOVE her but i have unfortunately lost track of her over the years...

Liz Johnson said...

She taught our prep class!! I don't keep in touch with her either but seriously, this is starting to get a little creepy.

Alicia said...

Mindy was awesome! And I will add that Liz kept me sane (or insane) while in Romania. She kept me laughing through all the crap we dealt with. Good times! And I think our weddings were 6 days apart?

missy. said...

yes, mindy told me some romania stories that also kept me laughing. like when she had to go to the doctor's office and they made her "take of ze bra" then they opened the door to the exam room and she ended up flashing everyone in the waiting room? well, the story is very funny when told with an eastern european accent. shoot, now i miss mindy!

liz, i think we should both just continue mentioning random details of our past and continue to point out to each other places where our paths probably should have converged. here's a few:

did you take any classes from valerie hudson?

which faculty member was your isp program advisor? dave?

what was your major? your minor was development, right?

Katie said...

This is Katie, insane mother of 4 girls, runner of errands, unpacker of boxes, wiper of noses and other parts, braider of hair and maker of food, edible or not :) aNd now am the ignorer of screaming children.
I am also the lucky sister in law of Lesley who I am so grateful to for inviting me.

scottandlesley said...

What a great intro, Katie. :)

She forgot "fabulous canner of delicious foods which kept Scott and Lesley alive their first year of marriage."

Definately post your sweet and sour chicken recipe, k?