Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

Tori asked about this cookbook so here is my opinion. I really, really (see how much) like this cookbook. It has some great recipes in here, plus it made me get into the habit of throwing in some vegi purees into whatever I am making, whether I am using their recipes or my own. And if the idea of steaming, then blending/pureeing your own vegetables is holding you back––buy some baby food and you can throw that in instead. The steaming/blending thing is time consuming but really easy. I get a whole bunch of vegis to do at once and get the job done once my kiddo is sleeping. I have a tupperware container for them to store in my freezer and when I need one for a recipe I usually just throw it in a bag of warm water to defrost on the spot.
Here are some recipe titles (sorry, no time to type them all right now) we have tried and liked, just to give you an idea of what here; there have been none we have not liked.
*French Toast (w/ banana or pineapple or SWEET POTATO or PUMPKIN or carrot or butternut squash puree) plus flax seed
*Scrambled Eggs (w/ cauliflower puree)
*Pancakes (w/ sweet potato puree)
*Blueberry Lemon Muffins (w/ yellow squash)
*Chicken Nuggets (w/ BROCCOLI or spinach or sweet potato or beet puree)
*Mashed Potatoes (w/ cauliflower puree)
*Turkey Burgers (w/ CARROT or cauliflower puree)
*Quesadillas (w/ butternut squash puree)
*Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (w/ SWEET POTATO or BUTTERNUT SQUASH puree)
*Tacos (w/ sweet potato or CARROT or butternut squash puree)
*Chocolate Pudding (w/ avocado) ––let this one cool or else it does like avocado and not choc.
*Frozen Yogurt Pops (w/ berries)
*Chocolate Chip Cookies (w/ chickpeas) ––this has been posted previously

I think the book is totally worth it. Check it out.

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missy. said...

i thought the peanut butter banana muffins were fabulous. the waffle sandwiches: not so good. and i loved the sweet potato hot chocolate but my husband wasn't a fan.