Thursday, January 10, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

I got the Deceptively Delicious cookbook for Christmas and have really enjoyed the recipes I have tried out so far. My almost two year old daughter has been putting up a fight with vegis lately, so this is a way I can get her to eat them. We have tried recipes for tacos, pudding, cookies, french toast, and more. There may be a lawsuit or something regarding this book, so get it while you can. Here's the recipe for chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas; as you can see from the last photo, they were a hit. You don't even notice the chickpeas.
**Note**I ended up with 36 normal sized cookies, not 24 as the recipe suggests.
(Photo credit: recipe and photo scanned from cookbook)
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missy. said...

go figure...i got this cookbook for christmas too. i haven't been in the proximity of a blender lately, so i haven't tried anything yet, but i fully intend to. thanks for the endorsement.

scottandlesley said...

I hear great things about this book! I am going to have to find one. Or you can just keeping sharing your favorites!

I like the retro style the book has going on.