Monday, March 3, 2008

homework, and an excuse

I must admit that last week was one of the laziest weeks as far as food that we have had in a long time. And after reading the other post, I feel even lazier, and also really really hungry! Breakfasts at our house usually consist of a boiled egg, toast, cold cereal, fruit, or any combination. Lunch is ususally leftovers or skipped over. :) So here are the dinners for the week.
M-Beef enchiladas with green salad and corn
T-Baked Potatoes with broccoli cheese sauce
W- Breakfast for dinner. Egg and Cheese English muffin sandwiches and Bacon. We did have orange juice so I would feel like we had something healthy :)
T-Philly CheeseSteaks
F- Dinner was provided by Fiesta Ole' accompanied by our years supply of fried food!
S-South of the Border Meatballs with brown rice, beets and corn
Su-Ham and Swiss Honey Mustard Sandwiches


Tori Bradford said...

Yum. I want recipes for all of those.

Tori Bradford said...

Oh and if that was lazy maybe I shouldn't show you what I made...