Sunday, March 2, 2008

Homework for Katie

I feel like, in the interest of full disclosure, I should make a preliminary note that my week's eating was more vegetable-laden and Food Network-inspired than usual (partially because we had guests over three times this week--hence the presence of desserts). Also, I'm not including breakfasts, because for breakfast I always eat either GrapeNuts or leftovers.

D- Tofu-broccoli lasagna (original recipe to come), garlic orzo, cucumber-cabbage-celery ranch coleslaw, coconut-chocolate pudding pie

L- Leftover lasagna
D- Haystacks, salad with green peppers, cracked wheat rolls, passionfruit mousse and coconut cookies

L- Brown rice, sauteed beet greens and red potatoes
D- Chicken burritos (leftover haystacks sauce wrapped up in tortillas and topped with cheese), green salad

L- "Pink stirfry" made of brown rice, roasted beets and red potatoes
D- Upside down vegetarian pizza, cucumbers

L- Whole-grain pasta, tofu sauteed with asparagus and grape tomatoes
D- Ranch chicken straws, strawberries

L- Whole-grain pasta, braised kale with garlic
D- Tofu cannolini (original recipe to come) with tomato sauce, barley with kidney beans and corn

L- Whole-grain pasta, roasted beets and roasted sweet potato
D- Hominy-vegetable soup made with sweet potato puree and chicken broth, chocolate cupcakes (applesauce instead of oil)

D- Mexican chicken lasagna with corn and tomatoes, barley and black beans, green salad with cucumbers, key lime bars

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