Saturday, December 1, 2007

Flour Tortillas

These tortillas are pretty easy and sooooo good. Plus they freeze well, so I encourage making a large batch and then saving for later.

Also, as a quick note... if you're going to make them more than once, I HIGHLY recommend a tortilla press. You can get them dirt cheap at your local Latino market ($5-$10) and are worth every penny. Rolling them out by hand is at least 3 times more work. I have a 8 inch metal one that I looooooooove. The perk of metal is that you don't have to use a piece of wax paper when you roll them out like you do on a wood press. Ok, enough about that.

5 c. flour (or, if using whole wheat, 4 cups whole wheat flour and 1 cup white flour)
1/2 c. olive oil (you can also use lard or shortening... but I like to pretend I'm being healthy, despite my plans to top them with piles of cheese)
2 t. salt
1.5 c. boiling water

Mix the flour, olive oil and salt together with a fork, or ideally, a pastry blender. Make a well and pour in the boiling water. Mix together with a fork and then as it begins to become one large ball, knead by hand until it is moist, but does not stick to your hands. Add flour or boiling water as needed to get to this consistency.
Form 1-2 inch balls and set on a plate. Cover with a towel and set aside for 15-20 minutes, up to an hour. I have no idea why this step is important, but it makes a big difference.
Roll (or press) out until very thin. I usually press the tortillas twice, once on each side, to make them as even as possible.
Heat a griddle or large frying pan over medium-high heat. Place the tortillas on, and flip over when they start to bubble and have light brown spots. Remove and place in a stack on a plate or in a cloth napkin, or allow to cool slightly and then refrigerate or freeze.


Katie said...

you have to let the dough set so the flour molecules can absorb the water this makes them so they aren't hard as rocks. I have always used shortening. Does the olive oil work well? After you make homeade tortillas it will be really hard to go back to storebought. yummy.

scottandlesley said...

Gotta try this. I always thought a press would cost oodles of money. $15 sounds good to me!

Vicky said...

So timely! I made some whole wheat tortillas the other night and was looking for a recipe. The one I used was okay, but I'm excited to try this one. One question: When using homemade tortillas in things like enchiladas, do they get soggy? They're a lot softer than store-bought ones, and more absorbant, so I'm worried they'll get mushy. What's your experience with cooking with them? I normally just eat them with the meal, like bread.

Vicky said...

I'm not really making a comment. I just forgot to check the box for e-mailing follow-up comments, and it won't do it unless I'm posting a comment.

Carry on.

Vicky said...

Nevermind about my previous comment. I just made these and I can see that they're not nearly as "fluffy" as the other ones I made. Those were a lot more "bready." I think these will be perfect for enchiladas, which I think I'll make tonight.

I cut the recipe in half, using 2.5 c. whole wheat flour and 1 c. white. They came out well and Benjamin and I had some yummy quesadillas for lunch. I think this will be my tortilla recipe forever!