Monday, November 19, 2007

Request: PIE

My mom called this weekend with my Thanksgiving Dinner "assignment."

2 pies.

For one of them, I'm rebelling and making the aforementioned Giant Eclair, which will be a TREMENDOUS hit, I'm sure! But I'm still stuck on pie number 2.


Tori Bradford said...

I have a recipe for spiced cherry pie that is really good. I can post that if you are interested. Then you have your traditional pumpkin, apple, peach pies. You could also make a pudding pie. Those are very easy. All you do is make the pudding and then put it into a graham cracker crust and let the pudding set up. I hope this helps.

Jen said...

Thanks! Simple is ALWAYS best since I've procrastinated until the day-before-Thanksgiving to make a decision. =)