Monday, November 12, 2007

Fried Bananas (like at P.F. Changs)

One of the only things I could make when Scott married me. Definately worth knowing how to do. Great party food.

Vegetable Oil (several cups)
Lumpia / Egg roll Dough (find in the refrig. produce area)
Fudge sauce or Hershey's syrup
Vanilla / Coconut ice cream
Deep skillet or Pot
Metal tongs

Here is the step-by-step, Pioneer Woman style.

Slice bananas. Cut the Lumpia in half, "hot dog way". (i.e. the skinny way.) Place the banana on one of the halves.

Fold the sides in, and crease them. Fold one end down, like you were wrapping a present.

Starting with the folded end, roll the banana up in the Lumpia. Make it tight.

Put a dab of water on the end before you press it into the roll. The water will act like glue. Fill a deep skillet with oil, until half the banana roll will be covered with oil. Heat to Med. Low. When a drop of of water sizzles when tossed into oil, place several banana rolls into the oil, standing up. Fry approx. 3 minutes, then flip so raw side is in oil. Flip back and forth every few minutes until golden brown. Serve hot, arranged around a scoop of ice cream, and covered with chocolate.


Alicia said...

Mmmm, I'm making this tonight.

Alicia said...

So these were delicious! I am not even a huge fan of bananas semi-cooked, but these were yummy with the crispy covering and vanilla ice cream. I looked for coconut ice cream and it doesn't exist at Maceys. This was super easy to make too.

scottandlesley said...

Great! I am so glad you tried them and like it!

I have never been able to find coconut ice cream, either. P.F. Changs has that one thing over us.

Allison B. said...

Trader Joe's sells a coconut sorbet by Sharon's Sorbet. I haven't tried it yet, but Sharon's raspberry and lemon sorbets are delicious. Sorry to you folks who don't live by Trader Joe's--it really makes cooking fun.