Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mexican Style Corn

I got this recipe (is it a recipe?! there are only four ingredients!) off of petitelefant.blogspot.com


*Prepare corn on the cob as usual.
*Spread sour cream on the corn.
*Sprinkle with paprika.
*Roll in grated asiago cheese.

I didn't have any asiago, so I sprinkled grated Parmesan (you know the stuff) and it turned out great. Really delicious. Really easy. Oh, and we had the corn on a stick because it was fun.


Liz Johnson said...

Please tell me you quoted Nacho Libre while eating it.


MelissaS said...

As a matter of fact, yes we did.

Bethany said...

So Liz, BWeed here and I'm wondering what I have to do to get an invite to this blog...?
Perhaps cite my credentials... um... well... no credentials to speak of, but I have perused the recipes thus far offered and have found a fair number that already bear my name... does that count as a credential?
Perhaps I should throw names around-who you know is everything. I know The MSty, Abbie... you... and as far as I know, you're the most important one to know in this group...?
I'm nice... ... mostly...
I think I have reasonably good taste...
And finally, I still like to cook and try out new recipes.
There. Am I in the club or what?

PS-Do I have to be dedicated somehow to making healthy food all the time? 'Cause I'm not. And if I should be, then you better not let me in. I like to be healthy. Yes. But it doesn't stop me from making stuff I think is good. :) Will I be ostracized if I just post stuff that has... cheese... and some more cheese... mixed with other kinds of cheese...? :)

Bethany said...

I passed the test???!?

Geesh, that was way too easy.

Bethany said...

Are there any rules?

Do I have to go through some sort of introduction... hazing ritual... anything? :)

Liz Johnson said...

Yes. Please go get three pounds of raw hamburger and cover your face in it. Be sure that no skin is showing, then post a picture.

Then you may begin to post recipes.

MelissaS said...

Shoot, what am I going to do if BWeed is posting her own recipes? Also, believe her on the cheese promise--she will make good on that one.

missy. said...

ooh, i make a variation of this recipe too. but i like to chop some fresh cilantro finely and mix it into the sour cream before spreading it on the corn. mmmmm.