Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wheat Berry Parfait

Here is one of the many things you can do with wheat berries (shown PW style):

Yum, doesn't that look good

Here are your ingredients:

Fresh blueberries. You can use what ever fruit you want, these just looked good.

Fresh Bananas. Again you could use what ever kind of fruit you would like.

Yogurt, whatever flavor you like. I used strawberry.

These are wheat berries. They taste better then they look.

O.k. here's how to put it all together (not PW style).

1. Put some wheat berries in a cup or what ever you have that will work.
2. Put some yogurt on top of the wheat berries
3. Put in some fruit on top of the yogurt
4. Repeat
5. Enjoy.

My kids like this so much they saved what they couldn't eat for their snacks later that day.

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