Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Request: Cooked Ham Recipes

Ok ladies. I've got left-over Easter ham. Buckets of it. My in-laws bought a HUGE ham and then left before they even made a dent in it. So, I've already done my two standard cooked ham recipes. What've you got? :)

Oh. And I should say-for those of you who don't know me, which I recognize is most of you, I need something simple right now. Your most gourmet cooked ham recipes won't do for me at the moment. I just had a baby and I've got 2 other kiddos, so something simple and family pleasing would be superb.

Thanks in advance! :)


Vicky said...

I had a similar struggle for ham recipes last night. If you're looking for simple, you could just toss ham chunks into things that are good with ham. I added it to au gratin potatoes last night. I've also tossed it into macaroni and cheese, or almost any casserole. You could make ham omlettes or ham and pineapple pizza. I have a good split pea soup recipe that has ham in it, but it's time consuming, which is what you're trying to avoid. I saw a recipe in my search yesterday for ham salad, which basically seemed like the same recipe as egg salad, but with ham. I don't think this was much help, but good luck. Ham and cheese sandwiches always work for us.

Tori said...

I have a few I will have to post later, but I just wanted to say that you can freeze ham. It freezes well and is nice when you need a quick ham fix.

Julie said...

First of all, I will totally back up Tori and say "freeze it!" I froze most of my ham.

But, secondly, my most favorite and super easy thing to do with ham is beans in the crockpot. Any kind of beans. Pinto, black, white, navy, whatever. Give them the overnight soak, then put in the crockpot with some ham...even better if you have the ham BONE to add as well. You can make it even more flavorful by adding chicken stock instead of water, but it's not necessary. BEST beans ever.

JackJen said...

I freeze my ham as well...in fact, we just finished up the Christmas ham about a month ago and it was mighty tasty.

I make split pea soup in the crockpot, so it's not terribly consuming.....and my family likes it, too.

Good luck!

Katie said...

Like everyone else has said, I freeze most of my leftover ham. I chunk some up and slice some so it is easy to use from the freezer. Check out the ham and swiss honey mustard sandwiches recipe posted earlier(under sandwiches), it is so easy and fabulous.
I also use ham in stirfrys which is incredibly easy.
Good luck.