Monday, April 21, 2008

what can you do with a lentil?

Recipe ideas wanted for the lowly lentil. I love them in soups and my mom has a killer dip recipe, but what else can you do with them?


Lesley said...

I love lentils.

After Easter, I made ham stock and then added kidney beans and lentils, onion, bay leaves, oregano and rosemary. No recipe. I just used stuff I like. When everything was tender (it takes lentils a tenth the time it takes a kidney bean to cook) I blended the beans and lentils up for a pureed soup. We added some ham chunks. It was phenomenal.

Did you know the lentil contains nearly all nine of the proteins that meat has? It is nearly a complete protein food. Awesome. Only the soy bean can also say that for itself.

Enjoy! Please post your findings.

Vicky said...

My mom used to make sprouts out of them which we'd eat with salad. I'm not sure exactly how... you might have to Google it. But I remember her putting them in a mason jar, maybe putting in water, and covering it with a cloth and letting them sprout. If I get a chance to ask her I'll post it.

Tori Bradford said...

There was a "Good Eats" episode on Food Network just the other day that talked about lentils. I only saw the last bit of it, but he made cookies with lentils. They looked pretty good. You should check out the Food Network website.

Brigham and Christine said...

Liz, I love your blog. It's just awesome. No idea what to do with a lentil, that's what I come to you for.
I'm going to try the grape chicken this weekend, yum.