Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tori's Request

In response to Tori's request, I'm posting six of my favorite tried-and-true vegetarian meals. (Let me know if you want more recipes like these.)

If you want to browse for more vegetarian meal ideas online, I often use these websites: Peggy's Kitchen at the Mothering website, VegCooking, and the Food Network's Vegetarian section.

And to further motivate you in your quest to eat less meat, I really recommend this article by Mark Bittman and this one by Michael Pollan (neither of whom are vegetarians, by the way)... I'm not trying to go all veg-evangelical on you, but I think they're important issues to think about :)


JackJen said...

Did you hear the Mark Bittman interview on "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook on Monday? I'm pretty sure it was Monday. FAN-TASTIC.

I love Mark Bittman. He's so...well...he makes so much sense without being a preacher. I'm turned off by preachers.

missy. said...

i agree. that's exactly how i feel about michael pollan, too... have you read "the omnivore's dilemma?" it is amazing.

Tori said...

Thanks. I'm excited to try these. I've found that since I've been trying to go away from meat and include more of the whole grains, veggies, beans, and fruit I have felt so much better. I've also had more energy. It's only been a short time too.